Laughing Matters


If the incredible response to this best-selling book is any indication, people are hungry for laughter. But better yet, they're looking for hope and joy! When life stinks, when people disappoint, when bad things happen, Phil Callaway believes there are five secrets that will help bring joy back to life. Speaking candidly of his parents' Alzheimer's, his wife's seizures, and the uncertainty of life as a dad, Callaway will show you how these secrets have helped him learn to laugh when life stinks. Says Lee Strobel, "I love Phil Callaway because he manages to accomplish what few writers can - blending laughter with learning. Read this book and you'll experience both!" 

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Making Life Rich Without Any Money


At a time when people are experiencing the transitory nature of the economy, Phil Callaway shares fascinating characteristics of truly rich people—characteristics that have nothing to do with money and everything to do with wealth. This revised edition contains 40% new material, new stories, and updated facts. Readers will nod their heads knowingly, smile, and sometimes laugh out loud as they read about… 

  • Comparing Legacies...Michael Jackson and Phil's mother.

  • Phil's Financial guide for SMARTIES.

  • The perils and joys of a SITCOM family (Single Income Three Children Oppressive Mortgage)

  • One family’s surprising response when they are literally “creamed” by a dairy truck

  • A lasting male friendship forged over an unlikely object—a lawnmower

  • A startling phone call that changed Phil’s life

Through warmth and laughter, Callaway shows that the best things in life are not really things, after all. In this tough economic climate, readers may be surprised to learn that real richness can be found in their own backyards.

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I Used to Have Answers...Now I have Kids


From the early daze of parenthood through the mischief of toddlerhood on into those white knuckles of the teenage years, these stories of laughter and hope remind us that even at the worst of times, the best is coming. When we listen to our children and remember the child we used to be, we are never short on laughter. And when we hold fast to God's grace, and follow these biblical principals for raising great kids, we will never be short on hope. This book contains 43 award-winning short stories, many from Phil's first two books (Honey, I Dunked the Kids and Daddy, I Blew Up the Shed) all updated in a new volume complete with all the original John McPherson cartoons. "I think readers will be interested to know," says Phil, "that these stories were written by a young self-deprecating dad who didn't have the answers, so he sought them from God. Because of His grace and mercy, the children in these books are now relatively responsible grown-ups with a deep love for God. If you're a parent, I think you'll find some answers here too."

"Put this on your must-read list," says Kathy Peel of Family Circle. "You'll love Phil's contagious humor and down-to-earth wisdom." 

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Who Put My Life on Fast-Forward?


Are peace, simplicity, and joy possible on a planet that spins 1,000 miles an hour? Phil Callaway thinks so. In Who Put My Life On Fast-Forward, Phil recounts the steps he was forced to take in his journey from extreme burnout to a rediscovery of how to pause and play in a fast-forward culture. You'll enjoy Phil's wit and candor while discovering secrets like "Even ants have time to attend picnics," and "The fruit of the Spirit is not lemons." If you feel stuck in an unending loop of busyness and fatigue, take heart! You'll find inspiring words to help you slow down, add rest and joy to your life, and find the missing peace.

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Family Squeeze

Family Squeeze large.gif

The reviews are in...readers are loving Phil's stories of hope amid raising teens and caring for his parents in the valley of Alzheimer's. Writes Jack Ashby, "I just finished your latest book and I'll be OK until your next one comes out! Thanks for your humor, insight, and ability to make us laugh one minute and shed tears the next." Reviewers call it "hilarious!" and "hopeful." Family Squeeze celebrates the middle years of balancing family, work, money, and TV dinners. This guide to "middle-aging" with grace and humor will brighten your pathway and provide fresh insights for bringing joy to life. "These years have been a little wild," admits Phil. "As soon as our children turned into teenagers we invited my aging parents to join us in a suite we built. Some thought I should be committed! It was a little wild, but we laughed a lot and learned a little too." Have you ever wondered...

How do we honor our aging parents without guilt while raising our children without regret?

How do we retain our sanity in the midst of so much change (assuming we were sane in the first place)?

Is it possible to live without the stress, remorse, and anxiety that so many lug around with them?

And who said I’m having a midlife crisis? I’ve wanted a red convertible since third grade."

Whatever your season of life, you'll find yourself laughing and loading up on hope as you read Family Squeeze.

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Tricks My Dog Taught Me


You can learn 100 things from a dog. Some of them good...

"For two decades Phil has made us think, smile, and thank God. This new book is a welcome event." -Max Lucado

From Phil: Some snicker at the thought of a dog teaching us anything worthwhile. One confessed, “My dog barks at everything, but did nothing when a burglar showed up. I think he helped him carry stuff out. What can I learn from that? Kindness?”  

Many of a dog's characteristics should not be emulated. Dogs are incorrigible liars. “Let me outside!” they beg with a grin. “I won’t touch the garbage!” But they do touch the garbage. “Take me with you!” they say with their tails. “I won’t be a problem!” But they will be a problem.

Yet, as I observed what happened when we allowed a 9-pound hound to weasel its way into our home and hearts, I realized I was being apprenticed in ways I never imagined. This is a humbling story to tell. After all, it's hard to admit that a Maltese shih tsu saved your marriage, taught you how to age, replaced your psychiatrist and pointed you to God. I hope you'll laugh and learn as I have about companionship, forgiveness, and an other-centered life. I hope you'll learn how to turn around three times and lie down at the feet of your master. 

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To Be Perfectly Honest


From Phil: Writing this book has changed the way I view truth and the way I live life. Never has a project gotten so completely under my skin. You'll have to read it to find out why.] 

[From the back cover:] Veteran author and speaker Phil Callaway is no stranger to daunting challenges. He has been laughed at—repeatedly—by large crowds of people, from Halifax to Hong Kong. He fathered three children in three years, spent much of last year on airplanes built by the lowest bidder, and flipped an out-of-control ATV, which doesn’t mean he sold it for a profit. So who better than Phil to boldly accept a challenge that would make your average person run and hide?

What happened was that Phil promised to tell the truth for an entire year, and he wasn’t joking. Twelve months later, his journal was crammed with success, near-success, and outright failure. During his year-long experiment with veracity, he made a disastrous financial investment, fielded hundreds of intrusive questions from friends and strangers, attended a thirty-year class reunion, and waded into some of the most revealing—and hilarious—situations ever documented.

Find out what happens when a follower of Jesus does his level best to always tell the truth. There is no doubt you’ll be entertained. But don’t be surprised if you are left with a question: how might your life be changed if you sold out to the truth—with no exceptions? 

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Golfing with the Master

Golfing With the Master.jpg

The best golfers in the world may never invite you to join their foursome, but the one true Master invites you to share a round - and the rest of your life - with Him. Phil demonstrates how you can enjoy the great game of golf while enriching your life. "Christopher Columbus went around the world in 1492. That's not a bad score when you think about it," writes Callaway. You'll find inspiring stories and memorable quotes from PGA tour members, as well as surprising golf trivia and practical tips for lowering your handicap. Even better than golf lessons from a pro, these life lessons will help you improve your game and live with more effectiveness and joy on and off the course."

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With God on the Golf Course


Golf may be a game where you yell 'fore,' shoot six, and write down five...

...but Phil believes it's also a time for laughter, friendship, accountability, and so much more. In these 32 short devotional readings, this longtime golfer (with a name like Callaway it's no surprise!) brings spiritual insight, generous humor, and the perfect stroke. "This isn't a book about the mechanics of golf," writes Phil. "This is a book about life. Golf is a useful game, teaching us more about life and faith than we think...if only we will listen."

[Need copies for your golf tournament? Or birthday gifts? Save up to 50% on a quantity]

Says Ken Davis, best-selling author and speaker: "Playing golf with Phil Callaway is almost as much fun as reading this book. I laughed. I almost cried. I even forgot about my score. And when I least expected it, I learned something. If you're anything like me, you'll want to keep several copies of this book in your golf bag for inspiration. Or to give out to people when you forget to yell 'Fore!'"

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It's Always Darkest Before the Fridge Door Opens


Has your sense of humor dried up like a month-old carrot in the crisper drawer? Well, here’s a spritz of good humor, honest reflection and biblically sound advice about where to go with the things that can sour your day—people, traffic, e-mail, alarm clocks, vacations and . . . you fill in the blank. Yes, it’s a busy, trouble-filled world, but the authors contend that God's plans for His people includes joy in the midst of it all. With their legendary humor, Phil and Martha address the joy thieves and what you can do to lock them up. You'll discover creative ways to deal with telemarketers, ingenious blessings for those who curse you, and scientific proof that M&Ms are good for you. Before you know it, your sides will hurt…and you'll be grateful! (Already a Crossings Book Club selection.) 

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Edge of the World

Edge medium.jpg

Award–winning columnist and author Phil Callaway offers up his first novel filled with the warmth and richness readers have come to love! Sigmund Brouwer calls it “A spellbinding memoir of childhood—both funny and forgiving.” Bob Hope's jokewriter, Martha Bolton says, “Callaway’s gift of humor and story telling abilities combine to make this book a runaway hit! 

In this tender coming–of–age story, a young boy discovers a hidden stash of money—and more trouble than he thought possible. As he unravels the mystery of its origin, he discovers an even greater mystery—the mystery of the grace of God as it is expressed through a small community of believers.

With a cast of characters worthy of a Mark Twain novel, a mysterious illness, an astounding confession, and a lump–in–the–throat climax, this story is sure to bring laughter and tears as it entertains and enriches a wide range of readers.

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Special on Both Novels: Edge of the World & Wonders Never Cease (CAD)

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Wonders Never Cease


So discovers Terry Anderson in the summer of his eighteenth year. As a high school senior, he's not looking for grace. In fact, he's looking to get out of Grace. His hometown, that is. But when he discovers a dark secret and keeps mum about it, his plans head south, for secrets don't keep well in the sleepy village of Grace where citizens mind their own business but think everyone else's is worth discussing. Soon Terry finds his world turned upside down and shaken hard. His family is under suspicion, his best friend (the atheist) is loping toward God as fast as Terry is backpedaling from Him, and the father of the girl he loves thinks Terry is the devil's too. Prying open the past exposes things long buried, and Terry sees his every belief tested and his every answer questioned. Finding the truth will take a heap of courage. Finding his faith again will take a miracle.

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Special on Both Novels: Wonders Never Cease & Edge of the World (CAD)

Special on Both Novels: Wonders Never Cease & Edge of the World (USD)