Family Squeeze

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The reviews are in...readers are loving Phil's stories of hope amid raising teens and caring for his parents in the valley of Alzheimer's. Writes Jack Ashby, "I just finished your latest book and I'll be OK until your next one comes out! Thanks for your humor, insight, and ability to make us laugh one minute and shed tears the next." Reviewers call it "hilarious!" and "hopeful." Family Squeeze celebrates the middle years of balancing family, work, money, and TV dinners. This guide to "middle-aging" with grace and humor will brighten your pathway and provide fresh insights for bringing joy to life. "These years have been a little wild," admits Phil. "As soon as our children turned into teenagers we invited my aging parents to join us in a suite we built. Some thought I should be committed! It was a little wild, but we laughed a lot and learned a little too." Have you ever wondered...

How do we honor our aging parents without guilt while raising our children without regret?

How do we retain our sanity in the midst of so much change (assuming we were sane in the first place)?

Is it possible to live without the stress, remorse, and anxiety that so many lug around with them?

And who said I’m having a midlife crisis? I’ve wanted a red convertible since third grade."

Whatever your season of life, you'll find yourself laughing and loading up on hope as you read Family Squeeze.

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