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Learning to Laugh When Life Stinks

In this hilarious and inspirational talk, Callaway uncovers five secrets of a “skunkbuster.” Five secrets that separate those who resign from those who rejoice. Presented as a motivational session to corporations, a sermon in churches, and an inspirational talk at banquets, this seminar has been applauded by thousands across the nation. “I have not laughed this hard in years,” says Jim Butler of Seattle, “…and better yet, I’m leaving here a changed person tonight.”

Making Life Rich Without Spending Money

With gentle wit and wisdom, Callaway shares 5 fascinating characteristics of truly rich people—characteristics that have nothing to do with money and everything to do with real wealth. You’ll nod your head knowingly and sometimes laugh out loud as you’re reminded that the best things in life are not things, after all. Focus on the Family Weekend broadcaster Chris Fabry says, “This is like playing in Holy Sand. You’re having so much fun, you don’t realize how much has gone into your shoes and is sticking to your life.”

Slowing Down In a Speeded-up World

Too often the demands of life bring stress, fracture families, and steal the joy God intended us to experience. With practical insight and generous laughter, Callaway teaches 6 practical secrets to balancing your life, your work, and your family. Presented to corporations, leadership teams, and workshops, attendees have dubbed this motivational talk “inspiring,” and “life changing.”

Raising Your Kids Without Raising Your Blood-pressure

This hilarious presentation traces the joys of parenting from the early daze through toddlerhood and on into the white knuckle teenager years! Laugh with award-winning storyteller Phil Callaway as you learn practical parenting solutions, and are reminded of the lessons even our children teach us when we listen. Brimming with hope, this talk inspires confidence in listeners, and hope that even at the worst of times, the best is coming. “I am better equipped to pray for my children now,” says Betty Dunn of Oregon, “and I am filled with hope. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed.”

How do you spell success?

Popular at corporate events, this talk inspires listeners to turn obstacles into opportunities, learn from failure, ignite their passion, and discover a time-proven formula for true success that will lead to fulfilling work and outrageous joy. "You have no idea how this has improved things in our company," writes one CEO (a repeat customer).

Three C’s to a Fabulous Marriage

Marriage is no laughing matter. Until now! Popular across the country at Valentine's and all-year round, Phil offers practical insight from “a husband in progress” about sticking together during tough times, communicating when your husband appears to be deaf, and discovering a faith that changes everything. One warning: People have fallen off chairs laughing during this performance. Better yet, they have laughed until the tears come, as they are reminded of the lasting legacy of a godly marriage, and the keys to staying committed even when our world is falling apart.  

G-U-Y-S After God's Heart

Broadcast to 200 million people, this talk inspires men to be guys of purpose: Grace-filled, Understanding, Yielded, and Successful. With stories of hope, Phil talks of the the importance of being a dad kids can count on, a husband worth respecting, and one who hungers and thirsts for God Himself. Men’s breakfasts and community outreaches are popular venues for a message you will not forget. “I am a new follower of God after hearing this talk,” says Don from Calgary, Canada, “I wish every guy on earth could hear this.” Order a copy on cd or tape by searching for Callaway at this site.

Christmas Unplugged

With the warmth of the season comes the reminder that Christmas can be a stress-filled, even painful time for many. This evening of Christmas stories has become Writes one pastor, "More than 30 people came to faith tonight following this unbelievable performance. We laughed so hard then Phil hit us with an undeniable point about living for what matters." 

G-A-L-S After God's Heart

"Back in high school girls wouldn't give me the time of day, but now that I'm a happily married, middle-aged and balding guy, I get called all the time to speak to women's conferences," says Phil. When he does, he usually talks about Gals: Genuine, Amazed, Loving, and Surrendered. With hilarious stories of hope, Phil tells of his own mother and the legacy she has left. "You have no idea what happened here today," writes one attendee, "relationships have been repaired between my daughter and I."  


The Write Stuff

Phil is a popular speaker at writer's conferences in the U.S. and Canada. His topics include "How to Be a Best-selling Author Guaranteed." (The first point is "Be talented"), and "How to Write About Your Family And Still Have a Place to Sleep."  


Laugh Again

Education can be serious business. Deadlines. Decisions. Children. So let international best-selling author and humorist Phil Callaway help you discover how to bring laughter to life and to the classroom. Educators from Canada to Hong Kong have loved this practical workshop. With stories and informal interaction, you'll discover secrets for relieving stress, how to chase the stuff that lasts, and how to live life with a permanent grin. You'll receive handouts for note-taking, but better yet, you'll receive a 90-minute vacation and an unforgettable experience. One Edmonton teacher said, "I expected to laugh, but I didn't expect to cry. This session reminded me why I do what I do and how I can do it so much better." Don't forget to bring your funnybone!

Finding Hope For Crazy Kids

If you've ever felt like letting the air out of the tires of one (or three) of the kids in your classroom, you'll be inspired and relieved to hear the advice of the Phil, the Founder of ADHD. Be inspired by the example of others who have turned the little challenges in their classrooms into great assets. Discover sneaky techniques only ADHD kids understand, and leave brimming with hope.