With God on the Golf Course


Golf may be a game where you yell 'fore,' shoot six, and write down five...

...but Phil believes it's also a time for laughter, friendship, accountability, and so much more. In these 32 short devotional readings, this longtime golfer (with a name like Callaway it's no surprise!) brings spiritual insight, generous humor, and the perfect stroke. "This isn't a book about the mechanics of golf," writes Phil. "This is a book about life. Golf is a useful game, teaching us more about life and faith than we think...if only we will listen."

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Says Ken Davis, best-selling author and speaker: "Playing golf with Phil Callaway is almost as much fun as reading this book. I laughed. I almost cried. I even forgot about my score. And when I least expected it, I learned something. If you're anything like me, you'll want to keep several copies of this book in your golf bag for inspiration. Or to give out to people when you forget to yell 'Fore!'"

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2 For 1 Golfer Special (USD)