Laugh Again, featuring Phil Callaway, is a 5-minute daily audio ministry program of The Good New Broadcasting Association of Canada. Laugh Again is rapidly expanding, airing in Canada over 780 times per week and now surpassing 200 radio partners in the US. It includes airings in the U.K., English-speaking Africa, and Australia.

Phil Callaway's award-winning humor is designed to bring a shot of joy and hope into listener's lives. "We were told this format would never work," Phil says. "But the response has been phenomenal. We are hearing from people whose lives have been changed because of the message." If you would like to discover all things Laugh Again and how you can listen on air, online, podcast, Audiomail or mobile app, or how you can support this ministry, head to Laugh Again Canada or Laugh Again US. Like us on Facebook too.


Laugh Again is available in both 4-minute and 1-minute formats. This unique program featuring Phil's humor and insight will help your listeners laugh, of course, but the main goal is to offer a message of hope and joy to help them grow in their relationship with God and with people. If you’re interested in airing this program or having the program aired in your area, please contact Steve Biggerstaff at The Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada by calling 1.800.663.2425 or email info@laughagain.ca.