I Used to Have Answers...Now I have Kids


From the early daze of parenthood through the mischief of toddlerhood on into those white knuckles of the teenage years, these stories of laughter and hope remind us that even at the worst of times, the best is coming. When we listen to our children and remember the child we used to be, we are never short on laughter. And when we hold fast to God's grace, and follow these biblical principals for raising great kids, we will never be short on hope. This book contains 43 award-winning short stories, many from Phil's first two books (Honey, I Dunked the Kids and Daddy, I Blew Up the Shed) all updated in a new volume complete with all the original John McPherson cartoons. "I think readers will be interested to know," says Phil, "that these stories were written by a young self-deprecating dad who didn't have the answers, so he sought them from God. Because of His grace and mercy, the children in these books are now relatively responsible grown-ups with a deep love for God. If you're a parent, I think you'll find some answers here too."

"Put this on your must-read list," says Kathy Peel of Family Circle. "You'll love Phil's contagious humor and down-to-earth wisdom." 

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