Million Dollar Roundtable: "The challenge of selecting a speaker who will energize an audience at 8:00 in the morning, on the third day of an action-packed conference is exceedingly difficult. Phil not only had our audience energized, I was on the verge of calling 911 for a shipment of respirators to combat a severe outbreak of hysterical laughter syndrome. But the true medicine came in the form of gentle tugs on our heartstrings as Phil artfully painted word pictures of joyfully experiencing life through God’s healing touch." (Lou Pierce, Chair and Divisional Vice President, MDRT’s Top of the Table)

Canadian Cancer Society: "I can’t think of a better way to kick off the conference. People were still talking about Phil's address for the rest of the weekend. Thank you for sharing your gift of laughter with us. Phil has the ability to evoke many strong emotions in people, the greatest of which is pure joy!"

The President of the Association of Nurses in Oncology: "I laughed and laughed and then I thought and thought about all the things you said. I just loved your presentation and...related on every level. You have a rare energy in the face of tough realities. You inspired me."

"Thanks to your presentation, our delegates left this conference feeling inspired and having experienced genuine laughter, which is a great way to cope with the impact of Huntington's Disease. Thank you again for helping our community feel more connected, encouraged and inspired." Huntington's Society

"Phil did a super job for us! He went over so well–even beyond my best expectations! The room was filled with laughter and Ah Ha moments as he communicated with warmth and openness about his families’ experiences while assisting his parents throughout their Alzheimer journey. I had comments from attendees about how in the midst of the laughter, they got the point about the issues family caregivers face. They felt valued for the work that they do in supporting people with dementia and their families. Thank you Phil!" Norma Kirkby, Program Director, Alzheimer Society

"Phil was the first of three keynotes for our Conference of HR/Pensions/Benefits professionals. It was a terrific way to start and theincessant laughter of the entire audience energized the group for the serious matters to come. Feedback was, without exception, extremely positive with many mentioning they would like him back again next year. Phil's presentation was extremely well-received and perfectly suited." Ryan Johnston, Director, Human Resources, Holland College, Co-Chair, Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute

“I had the great privilege of being in your audience while attending the conference sponsored by the Centre for Suicide Prevention. You have the remarkable ability to show us how to have life and joy through the valley. We didn’t have to look for blessings that morning we found them.” Ralph Hodgins, Board Member, Centre For Suicide Prevention

"We sold out twice for this event! We sold all the tickets, so we ordered more food and printed more tickets. A week later we sold out again. My phone was ringing with people who wanted to hear Phil Callaway. For a whole hour he shared stories that warmed our hearts and made us laugh. We far surpassed our fundraising expectations too.” Sue Screpnek, Providence College 

“We were so thrilled that our audience was with you from the moment you stepped on stage. We will never forget this evening. You made a terrific difference to our Conference.” Singles' Conference

“I wish everyone could have the opportunity to see Phil Callaway speak in person. His stories not only amused us, they touched our hearts. We walked away with a new perspective on life, with a sense of the impact we can have on others, and knowing that someone gets what we do and values us. In the end we were brought to tears by Phil’s stories of love, compassion, and loss.” Michelle Hill, President, Lodge Activity Coordinators Association of Alberta

“WOW! Phil blew our ladies away! Everyone who filled out a comment card, and those who spoke with the organizers said they so enjoyed Phil! His words of encouragement and humor showed them how to bring back the joy in their lives." Marilyn Bussey, Women Alive  

"Our Sunday with Phil was everything we planned and prayed for. Our people totally connected with his ministry. What a unique gift Phil has! He conveys the best of humor and authenticity. Notwithstanding his level of public success, his genuineness as a person and personal warmth is wonderfully clear.” Gary Taitinger, Senior Pastor, Mill Woods Pentecostal Assembly

Delegates to a conference of educators wrote Phil with dozens of comments. Among them..."Wonderful"..."Very funny, interesting and personable"..."extremely pertinent"..."Excellent, excellent!"..."Just what we needed"..."Grrrreat!"..."Fabulous"..."Awesome"..."Wow! What a pleasure to listen! What an uplifting session!"..."My face still hurts from laughing!" "Fantastic personal growth."

"We have had some of the most outstanding communicators in the world here, however we consider Phil to be the best. The powerful truth was not lost in the humor but was driven home by it.” Laurel Buckingham

“Phil’s talk at the annual Dealing with Grief Conference was the best and most amazing presentation for self-care & great laughter that I have ever heard.” Bev Berg, Grief Support Coordinator with the Pediatric Palliative Care & Grief Support Program at Alberta Children's Hospital

"It was pure delight to hear Phil at a Time Out event for business people. I booked a table and brought my staff. There’s nothing that comes close to ‘laugh therapy.’ You’ve got to love those endorphins! Keep up your amazing ministry." Michael Ward, Pastor, Central United, Calgary

“Phil is so transparent and real, I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.” Mike Matheny, Manager, St. Louis Cardinals