Making Life Rich Without Any Money


At a time when people are experiencing the transitory nature of the economy, Phil Callaway shares fascinating characteristics of truly rich people—characteristics that have nothing to do with money and everything to do with wealth. This revised edition contains 40% new material, new stories, and updated facts. Readers will nod their heads knowingly, smile, and sometimes laugh out loud as they read about… 

  • Comparing Legacies...Michael Jackson and Phil's mother.

  • Phil's Financial guide for SMARTIES.

  • The perils and joys of a SITCOM family (Single Income Three Children Oppressive Mortgage)

  • One family’s surprising response when they are literally “creamed” by a dairy truck

  • A lasting male friendship forged over an unlikely object—a lawnmower

  • A startling phone call that changed Phil’s life

Through warmth and laughter, Callaway shows that the best things in life are not really things, after all. In this tough economic climate, readers may be surprised to learn that real richness can be found in their own backyards.

Making Life Rich Without Any Money (CAD)

Making Life Rich Without Any Money (USD)