The Adventures of Jake 2 CD


The long-awaited sequel to The Adventures of Jake has finally arrived. 

Bullies? Flying pigs? And bank robbers? What’s a boy to do? Call his big brother Jake!

Unlock a world of mystery, laughter, and adventure in these 3 dramatic audio stories for kids of all ages. Learn about honesty in Jake and the Missing Garden Monkey, kindness inJake and the Soap Gun Gang, and fear in Jake and the Flying Pig. Includes a special bonus: The hilariousBook of Jake. Length: 72 minutes. Appropriate for ages 4-132.

Phil says, "I have heard from hundreds of kids saying, 'We listen to The Adventures of Jake every night. Please, please make some more.' So herethey are. I think these stories will make you laugh. And remind kids...and grownups of important lessons we need to remember."

The Adventures of Jake CD 2 (CAD)

The Adventures of Jake DC 2 (USD)