Laughing Matters DVD


This entertaining, funny and practical DVD (now used by almost 3000 groups) is perfect for your small group or for individual study. It features 13 short (5-6 minute) messages from Phil (host of the #1 video teaching series on the planet), with a discussion guide following each one. Get ready to laugh and learn as you bring joy back to life. Episodes include Creamed By A Dairy Truck, The Fruit of the Spirit Is Not Lemons, I Used to Have Answers...Now I Have Kids, and 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Son. The companion book for this DVD is, of course, Laughing Matters. If ordering for a group larger than 6, email for an even better price. Watch a sample clip online...

Laughing Matters DVD (CAD)

Laughing Matters DVD (USD)

Laughing Matters DVD Small Group Package (CAD)

Laughing Matters DVD Small Group Package (USD)

Live Rich Without Money DVD


Based on Phil's bestseller Making Life Rich Without Any Money, this dynamic 13-part DVD features 13 short life lessons and a 12-page leader's guide. (Total running time 100 minutes). Episodes include Hurry Up and Slow Down, Resisting a Rest, Ed's LastChance, A Matter of Life and Debt, From Hollywood to Iowa, Laughstyle Evangelism, and The Shark Hunter. Filled with Phil's good humor, this DVD will challenge you and your group to chase what really matters and leave a lasting legacy. Special Price: DVD is $18. Order 6 copies of the book Making Life Rich for $79 and the DVD and Study Guide are yours free ($125 value). Watch a sample clip online...

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Phil Callaway Live DVD


Ideal for personal or group viewing, this is Phil at his off-the-wall best. Bringing his award-winning humor to life, he tells stories of overcoming fear, reversing disappointment, and facing hard times with courage and faith. Join an audience of 2,000 for four secrets of a "skunkbuster." You'll find courage and strength to face the difficulties on your own journey. New York Times best-selling author Martha Bolton says, "Phil has dealt with his share of skunks in life. But in his gifted, witty way he reminds us of where we need to place our focus." Includes a study guide to help you go a little deeper.

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The Adventures of Jake CD

Jake CD big.jpg

"Our whole family loves Jake. Even Grandpa!" Fans the world over are enjoying The Adventures of Jake, an entertaining 75-minute CD based on Phil's 6-Book Jake series that teaches life principles in a way that is life-changing and hilarious. One mother writes, "My son has all 75 minutes memorized. He won't go to sleep without this CD playing." Your child will learn about fear and the power of prayer in Jake and the Scrambled Snake, and discover the best medicine for bullies in Jake and the Knuckle Sandwich. Rediscover friendship and teamwork in The Slippery Bank Robbers, honesty in The Big Hairy Lie, trust in The Super Scary Sleepover, and the hope of the coming of Jesus in The Christmas Surprise. Though written for children ages 7-11, olderkids have been caught listening too! And now you can get THE ADVENTURES OF JAKE 2! These make a great gift for a child or grandchild. Order the CD or click on a cover below to order a Kindle ebook.

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The Adventures of Jake CD (USD)

The Adventures of Jake 2 CD


The long-awaited sequel to The Adventures of Jake has finally arrived. 

Bullies? Flying pigs? And bank robbers? What’s a boy to do? Call his big brother Jake!

Unlock a world of mystery, laughter, and adventure in these 3 dramatic audio stories for kids of all ages. Learn about honesty in Jake and the Missing Garden Monkey, kindness inJake and the Soap Gun Gang, and fear in Jake and the Flying Pig. Includes a special bonus: The hilariousBook of Jake. Length: 72 minutes. Appropriate for ages 4-132.

Phil says, "I have heard from hundreds of kids saying, 'We listen to The Adventures of Jake every night. Please, please make some more.' So herethey are. I think these stories will make you laugh. And remind kids...and grownups of important lessons we need to remember."

The Adventures of Jake CD 2 (CAD)

The Adventures of Jake DC 2 (USD)

The Last Christmas Gift CD


Christmas isn't Christmas without stories and songs that bring laughter and hope. So celebrate the real reason for the season with this hilarious and heart-warming collection of Phil's greatest Christmas hits on CD. As Phil tells stories by a crackling fire, a few surprise guests drop by, including his two-year-old granddaughter and the award-winning guitarist Jay Calder (The Little Drummer Boy and Joy to the World

"I've performed these stories at a few hundred events through the years," says Phil. "So many have asked me to record them, so here we are. I hope these bring a smile and a fresh shot of hope to you and your family." 

Stories include: Grandpa's Greatest Gift, A Brown Christmas, Martha Stewart Visits, A Very Doggy Christmas, The Merciful Nazi, and Christmas at Carnegie.

The Last Christmas Gift CD (CAD)
The Last Christmas Gift CD (USD)