When You Need a Good Laugh


“Few guys make me laugh like Phil Callaway. But he also leaves me filled with hope. We all need his attitude. We all need this book.” –Kevin Leman, author The Birth Order Book

Phil Callaway believes in making laughter a part of the everyday experience. With humorous and heartwarming stories, Phil addresses some of the issues that steal away the joy from our lives, our friendships and our families. As readers learn to lighten their loads, they are encouraged to replace fear with faith, worry with prayer, and prunes with ice cream! Includes Phil's trademark humor-with-a-message and lots of goofiness like, "We child-proofed the house, but they keep getting back in," and "If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off."

These stories are paired with award-winning photographer Kevin Rivoli’s candid, life-engaging photos. This book makes a refreshing gift and a sure way to pack a laugh with wherever you go.

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Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Thankful

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Perfect Gift For A Child Or Grandchild!

"I can't tell you how happy I am to have found the perfect gift for my 20 great-grandchildren! I'm ordering 20." Vancouver, BC

"A BIG thank you for this book! I bought it for my 3-year-old granddaughter, Audrey. Her parents are going through a divorce and life is a little confusing right now for her. The "rubby dubby" song was a huge hit, with lots of laughter and dancing and jumping and clapping. We all got involved, including Brisky Bear and Trooper Dog. It put lots of smiles back on all of our faces." LR

When Brisky Bear goes upriver, his best friend is sad, mad, and lonely - until he finds three clues that just might put a smile back on his face. Your child or grandchild will laugh and learn along with these cute, cuddly, and captivating creatures how to find joy even when you have to say goodbye. With beautiful illustrations by Sharon Dahl (Phil's Jake series), this book includes a drama CD with songs from the story! "I had so much fun writing this little book," says Phil. "The company that created and markets it will be sending copies to tens of thousands of military families to help children cope with saying goodbye to Dad or Mom. I pray that they will remember that whatever happens to us, we can still make choices that bring joy to ourselves and to others." 

Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Thankful (CAD)

Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Thankful (USD)

Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Thankful DVD (CAD)

Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Thankful DVD (USD)